Meet Missoula's Pet of the Month sponsored by Missoula Veterinary Clinic.

"Usually Fridays are a busy day full of surgeries and appointments being squeezed in before the weekend. On some Friday afternoons when you are thinking how tired you are, there is a call that comes back over the intercom from the receptionists saying, 'Cheyenne is here'. As soon as you go up to get Cheyenne for her "spa treatment", you are greeted by a wiggly butt and an excited bark/whine that we all know belongs to her. She gets so excited to see us that she can barely sit still. It is impossible not to laugh! As soon as we start trimming her nails, she turns into the perfect lady even though her tail is wagging like crazy. As soon as we are done, then we can all 'baby talk' to her, which usually gets her even more excited and silly, which makes us laugh more. As techs, we chose Miss Cheyenne for our very first Pet of the Month because even on stressful days she reminds us why we all chose to work with animals, and how her sweet face can turn our whole day around.

We adore you Cheyenne......Karen, Tessie, Cassie, Keri, Crissy, Ariel, Kara and Payton."

Here's what Cheyenne's Mom and Dad say about her:

While we do have our favorite breed of dog - Labrador Retriever (preferably yellow) - we believe in giving a dog a new home that's in need. "Cheyenne" was adopted from the Dillon, MT shelter.
Cheyenne is a true "love Sponge", and loves affection from everyone. She feels comfortable with the great staff at Missoula Veterinary Clinic and they treat her (as all the animals) with extra special care. We also feel comfortable and confident in the care she receives, as Cheyenne is not just our pet but a loving part of our family.

 Pam & Ken Price




Just by looking at the picture above you can only imagine the smiles that Charlie puts on everyone’s faces when he walks into our clinic. We have gotten to see Charlie quite a bit within the past month because he had a bad fall down the stairs and fractured his leg. Why did he fall? Well that brings up the most interesting part of Charlie; he has no eyes. Charlie lost one eye as a puppy when a big dog scratched it out, and the second eye was severely scratched about five years ago and had to be removed. Although Charlie cannot see a thing, he still remains one of the friendliest, happiest, most content faces that enters our clinic. He is a definite fan of anything edible and loves anyone and everyone he comes in contact with. According to Charlie’s family, he is completely oblivious to his own disability. Charlie has gone on multiple family trips and always manages to capture everyone’s heart. He even went to Vegas and captured Marilyn Monroe! Charlie is also quite the home town hero and school mascot. Since day one of when he adopted the Jones family, Charlie assumed the role of walking their kids to Paxon School. This year is Charlie’s ninth and final year on the job,  as the youngest member of the Jones family will be moving on to middle school. Charlie has taught multiple life lessons through his experience- sometimes bad stuff happens, but you just have to adapt, “different” is not necessarily better or worse, attitude is everything, and having patience and accepting your lot in life goes a long way in moving forward. Good Life Lesson, Charlie!!



My name is Roomba and I'm a 6 year old golden retriever.  When I was 3 I started having seizures.  I take 3 different medicines a few times a day to keep them from happening.  It works pretty well so I usually only have them every 3 months or so.  My family says they make me loopy.  

Last June I followed my canine sister off a 20 foot cliff at Flathead Lake and landed on a rock.  We were so excited to fetch sticks in the water that we couldn't wait to get to the water.  My canine sister didn't get hurt but I tore tendons and ligaments in my front leg.  After a few weeks wearing a splint, I had carpel fusion surgery to fuse the joint because it wasn't going to heal.  I wouldn't have been able to use the leg if I didn't have surgery.  The surgery went well but I had a boring summer and fall.  I couldn't do my favorite things like hike, swim and bird hunt.  Finally it healed and 6 months after surgery I didn't need to wear the splint anymore!  During those 6 months I got to visit my friends at Missoula Vet Clinic for periodic x-rays and splint changes about every two weeks, more often when I chewed it.  Everyone at the clinic is so nice and I love visiting them!  I always felt like they were excited to see me.  The vet techs were so creative with my splints.  They decorated it with an elaborate turkey for Thanksgiving and presents for Christmas.  By February I was back to hiking normally.  I can't wait for this summer to swim again!

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