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Hi! My name is Abbey and I am a 5 pound toy poodle.  I love to do Agility with my human and other fur buddies.  When I was a puppy, the humans noticed I had wonky front legs - they called me Rubber Dog! I would paddle foot when I trotted and turned my shoulders and ankles at weird angles.  My front end joints are really loose!  I tried water therapy but got so scared I sucked in pool water and got aspiration pneumonia.  I've had 3 bouts of it with lots of antibiotics, X-rays and trips to the Clinic.  They are so nice to me there and I get lots of cuddles to ease my anxiety. During recuperation we took a Pet Therapy Dog class and now my human and I are a certified Pet Partners Therapy Dog Team. Now that I am feeling better, I have started competing in NADAC Agility trials and have won lots of ribbons- even 3 Titles! We also are involved with agility demos for Sit Happens Dog Training Center at events that benefit Animal Control and the Humane Societies in Missoula and Hamilton. We just got to do a demo at the Canine Classic at Paws Up.  That was awesome! Our next NADAC trial is in Helena on Halloween and there is a costume contest.  I'm going as - you guessed it - SUPERDOG!

( submitted for me by the most important person in my mom Leone!)

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