We offer a wide array of services for our clients and their pets!

To give your pet the best possible care, we also maintain good relationships with area specialists in order to provide other treatment options for advanced or complicated cases.



Missoula's premier wellness pet care services for all pets, all ages, all sizes.

Wellness Pet Care:

From Pediatrics through Adulthood and into the Senior years, our Doctors are here to care for all stages of your pet's health. Our goal is for a long, healthy life for your family pet.










On-site pet dentistry allows routine teeth cleaning, oral care, and animal dental disease treatments.Dentistry:

We offer full dentistry, from routine yearly cleaning to advanced oral care for such issues as periodontal disease or fractured teeth. Part of our excellent dental care includes a veterinarian and certified technician dedicated only to dentistry; oral health exams; oral digital Xrays which helps us see what is happening beneath the gumline; monitoring equipment while your pet is under anesthesia; and dental care recommendations so you can continue good oral health care for your pet at home.





All 3 Doctors perform general surgery, orthopedic surgery, ligament procedures, bone plating procedures and other types of pet surgeries.


All of our Doctors perform general surgery. Additionally, Dr. Bovard has an extra passion for orthopedic surgery. He performs the TTA procedure for torn cruciate ligaments in dogs; plus bone plating for fracture repairs in dogs and cats. If we cannot perform a procedure, we have referral surgeons whom we recommend and work closely.



Internal medicine treatments for pets and animals.

Internal Medicine:

Our Doctors cover all areas of internal medicine, including diabetes ,thyroid disease, liver & kidney disease, arthritis and pain management, and gastrointestinal disease, Our skilled technicians are available all day for monitoring and caring for hospitalized patients. Our goal is to get your pet on the road to recovery and return home as quickly as possible.



On-site lab allows us to test for blood, fecal, urinalysis, cytology and other important procedures.


We have an in-house lab utilized by trained technicians for blood chemistries, fecal analysis, urinalysis and cytology. For more involved diagnostics we use a reputable outside reference lab. We also have a digital Xray unit for quality radiographs with immediate results for the doctors. This also enables us to email radiographs to outside specialists for a quicker diagnosis. We also have an ultrasound for additional diagnostics.
















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