Good nutrition is vital to insure a healthy pet. We want you to have your pet by your side for many happy years!


Medical Diets:

We offer a full line of veterinary prescription diets by Hills. These are used when your pet has an illness or a dietary need that requires a more advanced type of food. Diseases such as diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease or gastrointestinal illness can benefit from using diets that address those specific health issues. If you have a pet with a health problem and you think a diet may be beneficial, please call and speak with one of our receptionists or technicians.


Regular Wellness Diets:

We offer a full line of iVet brand diets. These diets are for normal, healthy pets and range from puppy foods to adult foods, reduced calorie foods and on into the senior foods for our aging pets. iVet Diets is a company started by veterinarians, for veterinarians. They are not available in pet stores, but yet are affordable.

Click here for company information: iVet Professional Foods

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