Dr. Lynn Babbitt

I grew up in Rhode Island where my teenage years were spent showing my Morgan horse all over New England, then as an adult my passion became showing dogs in the conformation ring.

I spent two years studying equine reproduction at University of Connecticut before heading to school at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine. After graduation in 1991, I completed a one year internship in small animal medicine and surgery before settling in to practice in a Philadelphia suburb.

My dream had long been to move west to be close to family, the mountains, and the outdoors, and I did just that in 2002. I have practiced in Montana and Oregon, but am finally back to Montana to stay. The quirkinesses of cats, the joy of dogs, and the diversity of medicine make each day both fun and challenging for me. My focus has continued to be canine and feline medicine, and I love all aspects of the profession from treating puppies and kittens to senior care and wellness.

When not In the office, my husband Brian and I love hiking, music, and spending time at home with our 6 cats, 2 Pointers, various pet birds, 2 Mini Nubian and 2 Nigerian Dwarf pet goats.